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Auto Body Restoration | Great Auto Race Inc.  - Chicago, IL, IL

Looking for a reliable mode of transportation, but you can’t afford a bran d spanking new automobile at the moment? Well then, we got you covered here at Great Auto Race Inc! We are a used car dealership in Chicago, IL that offers you a wide array of used certified cars that are guaranteed to be in full working condition.

We Provide Professionalism And Reliability

Here at Great Auto Race Inc., we know that you will be able to find a car that will accommodate you at any point of your life. We have a fantastic selection of vehicles that come in a range of sizes and colors made from companies that you know and trust; from the most basic model and make to the most luxurious renowned editions.

We have a plethora of traditional coupes and sedans on our lot that are just waiting to be owned and driven. If a big and roomy car is what your growing family needs at the moment, then we can certainly hook you up with the right one with our impressive collection of SUV’s and vans. If you have a job that requires equipment and tools, it would be very beneficial for you to choose a vehicle that has a strong built along with plenty of secured space, such as a pick-up truck from our dealership, that is made for transporting heavy loads. If a four-wheel drive is more of your preference, you will not be disappointed when you come see us since we have many of those available here at Great Auto Race Inc. too.

You can count on us here at Great Auto Race Inc. for providing you only with the most reliable vehicles that are backed by warranties. Our refinancing services will be more than happy to help you figure out a payment plan that will be the most suitable to your budget, so get yourself out of second gear and contact us today for all of your used car needs!