Used Car Dealership

Full service used car dealership - 40 years in business!

Our Used Car Dealership Is Amazing

Used Car Dealership | Great Auto Race Inc.  - Chicago, IL, IL

The Great Auto Race Inc. team strives to get to know our customers. Developing a sense of who you are and just what you need helps us determine the best vehicles for your consideration. You are an important part of our business and will never be just ‘sold’ to. At our used car dealership, you are an important part of our business.

In addition to treating our customers right, our used car dealership offers a wide selection of vehicles. Whether you have a need for something small and compact, big and sporty or sleek and sophisticated, chances are good that you’ll find it here on our lot. Quality is also assured as all of our vehicles have had only one previous owner and our mechanics okay each of them before they are placed on the lot. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Great Auto Race Inc. also offers a multitude of other services for our customers. We are a legitimate, licensed operation that does our own in-house financing. We can help you plan a workable and sensible budget. If you’re unable to find the car that you need on our lot, then we will continue to search elsewhere on your behalf. All of these services come with estimates at no extra cost to you!

Speaking of extras, be sure to also check out our dealership’s Restoration Room while you are here. Our workers are the best at not only restoring vehicles, but they offer paint and graphic design work as well so your new car can be even more suited to your individual likes and styles.

Now that you know what we can do for you, let’s find the right car you need. Call our used car dealership or come down today!